The carpet cleaning process

5 September

We begin with thoroughly vacuuming upholstery/rugs/carpeting

with a 6 stage HEPA filter, 4 hspwd vacuum. If you have pets in your home, it is vital to have a quality vacuum and remember, you cannot vacuum floor coverings or fabrics enough! Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum! We at AllerganX know that your carpet acts as a filter and as soils, particulates, dander and other unwanted dried soil/debris builds up in the carpet fibers, air quality can improve although it is important to remove this build up from the floors. Quality, effective equipment and cleaning regiments can help maintain your floors. The vacuuming removes particulates down to .03 micron, improves indoor Air Quality and lessens the triggers for those who suffer from allergies, asthma as well as people with compromised immune system issues.

Once the carpets are vacuumed we spay down an environmentally friendly, pet and baby safe, neutral solution to emulsify the remaining soil on the carpet fibers. This solution also acts as an encapsulate and attaches itself to the dander. Our pad machine cleans all sides of the carpet fiber down to the backing and will gently remove any imbedded hair, dander, debris and particulates to the surface of the carpet. AllerganX then post vacuums to remove what was imbedded and brought to the surface by the carpet cleaning machine. This is a very thorough process and more importantly, your carpets/rugs/upholstery will dry quickly because of the very low moisture process. Not only do we vacuum a second time, this step also helps the carpet fiber dry quicker and stands the pile of the carpet up so it gets better air movement to continue the drying process. We hope this explanation is helpful to you.

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