Carpet Will Last Longer And Look Better

5 September

My Company provides residential commercial carpet and Upholstery cleaning service.

Hi! My name is David; I’ve learned a lot about caring for floor coverings, and I would like to show you how your carpet can look like new again. We have clients throughout the Minneapolis area who love our service. You will too!

A New Cleaning Process Developed by DuPont:

This very low moisture cleaning process is the biggest breakthrough in carpet cleaning since steam cleaning was introduced in the 1970 .

The carpet dries in 1-2 Hours and cleans every bit as good, if not better, than steam cleaning. With this new process your carpet will repel dirt and stay clean longer. The equipment used is much quieter than a vacuum cleaner and there are no hoses (including high pressure steam) running through your home or business. The carpet can be cleaned over and over again without harm because of the low-moisture process and the products used are Green Eco friendly and baby safe. We include a deodorizer in the cleaning process to make your carpets look and smell fresh. This cleaning system promotes a healthier, nontoxic, environmentally friendly, Superior Alternative to hot water extraction.

Because the Carpet Dries fast and the process is so quiet, cleaning can be done almost anytime. We will gladly work around your schedule.

The Best Part Is Your Carpet and Will Last Longer And Look Better:

A five-year-old carpet that has been cleaned on a regular basis will maintain a 92% appearance rating. Where as, a five-year-old carpet that has been neglected will only hold a 50% or less appearance rating (according to Allied Fibers). Carpets that are not cleaned regularly can have their appearance permanently damaged. So it makes sense to take care of your carpet investment.

Don’t worry about high cost or staying within budget:

You will find that our cleaning program is very affordable and appropriate.

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