Green Carpet Cleaning Service Rochester, Mn

How does our green carpet cleaning work so well?

We begin vacuuming your carpet with a powerful hepa vacuum cleaner.  This vacuum is very powerful and sucks up as much of the loose dry dirt and soil before we pre-treat the carpet so we can avoid making mud pies or sand castles in your carpeting.

Green Carpet Cleaning Service MinneapolisYour carpet is then pre-sprayed with our Green Carpet cleaning solution

Our pre-spray is incredible on Carpet traffic lanes, greasy restaurants Carpets, oily  Carpet, abused apartment Carpet, bad odors from lack of cleaning carpet, organic stains, protein stains, oil-based stains and just about anything else you throw at it, yet it is a all natural green cleaner. This Carpet cleaner releases the soil, grease, and other dirt  from your carpet.

The carpet cleaning pad then picks up the dirt, removing them from your carpeting

The motion of the Green carpet cleaning machine, combined with the green carpet cleaning solution, for a deep cleaning of your carpet pile.

We use as many absorbent carpet cleaning pads as needed to give our customers thorough deep green carpet cleaning.

In about 2 hours, your carpet will dry and be ready for your use.

I walk through your home with you to  inspect the carpet to be green cleaned

I will point out permanent stains, spots and give you a realistic expectation of the  carpet to be cleaned.

Furniture Moving during carpet cleaning

Regular pricing includes moving of most items. Beds, dressers, entertainment centers, and heavier pieces are left in place under our regular pricing structure.

Carpet Cleaning Pre-Vacuuming

To remove any dirt and particulates from carpeting or upholstery.

Carpet cleaning Pre-Spray

Our green carpet cleaning solution is applied and left to dwell to break down and emulsify soil and general spots for a deep down carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning Soil removal

The carpet is then deep cleaned with a Random oscillating carpet cleaning pad machine. Normal carpet dry time is between 1 to 2 hours depending on fiber thickness,length, humidity and the amount of dirt to be removed from carpeting.

Carpet cleaning Post Vacuuming

Your carpet is then groomed vacuumed a second time to set the carpet pile. Post grooming helps the carpet dry faster.

Carpet cleaning Post Inspection

After the Green Carpet cleaning job is finished, I will walk with you through your home and make sure you are completely happy with the carpet cleaning results .

Preparing your home for green carpet cleaning

Some tips that will help both of us as you get ready for your Green carpet cleaning:

  1. Remove any small items from the floor areas that are going to be cleaned.
  2.  Remove breakable items from furnishings that will have to be temporarily moved, cleaned under, and put back on carpeting.
  3.  Lift any draperies so that they will be off the carpeted floor.
  4.  Pull up upholstered furniture, that may be on the carpeted floor.
  5. Computer equipment, china cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. However, carpet underneath such items can be cleaned where room is available, or we can get right around the base.
  6. During the Carpet cleaning pre-inspection let me know of any special instructions to follow when moving your furnishings. It is helpful to know about weak legs, loose tops or repairs.
  7. Call any attention to any spots or stains which may require special carpet cleaning techniques.
  8. Put your animals in a safe, quiet place where our Carpet cleaning won’t bother them.
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