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Businesses should be a clean place to work, where you and your employees can enjoy a clean surrounding. Efficiency goes up in a clean work environment and your bottom line increases also. Clean carpets look good and contribute to a healthy indoor work place,contribute to a positive experience for your clients and your Employees. Regularly  Cleaned carpets will last longer, saving you time and money.

Choosing the Best Green Carpet Cleaning Company to perform work in your home or business is not an easy decision

A Lot of People Have experienced the Low Cost Coupon Carpet cleaners with the (bait & switch tactics) where there is high pressure sales and the price was much more than quoted. The company was in and out quickly, the carpets were wet for a long long time with sub-standard results.
It is easy to fall for a cheaper cleaning company, with poor quality results

Never select a company based on price alone.

There is more to Green Carpet Cleaning  Or Upholstery cleaning than how much per room, per area or per square foot.

Commercial Price List

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•    Studio apartment       $99.00
•    One bedroom unit     $129.00
•    two bedroom unit      $149.00

•     35c per sf      1000sf(square feet) or less
•    30c per sf      1000 to 3000sf
•    25c per sf      3000 to 5000sf
•    20c per sf      5000 to 7000sf
•    18c per sf      7000 to 10,000sf
•    16c per sf     10,000sf or more

We check your carpet’s wear, traffic and soil conditions to establish the best care for your carpet. Then we will develop a cleaning program to properly maintain your carpet in accordance with established standards of the industry.

There are many different methods of commercial carpet cleaning . Low moisture  methods, encapsulation  technology, hot water extraction , dry soil  cleaning each method has its place in the commercial environment. Our staff will inspect your carpet and keep your Carpet and upholstery its best day-in, day-out. We will consult with you on all areas of your daily maintenance, including your vacuuming, walk off mats, and Carpet spot treatment.

No more  stains or spots

Recurring  stains and spots are the number one cause of frustration for owners of commercial carpet and upholstery. Spills soak all the way down the  fiber to the backing and commonly return to the surface after the carpet is cleaned. Our unique Carpet treatment will stop recurring spill stains dead in their tracks.

It’s all about  results, our system can restore even the worst carpet to an acceptable appearance. We have the tools to tackle even the heaviest soil loads. Our low moisture dry pet and baby safe carpet and upholstery cleaning methods can have you back on your floor in as little as an hour. The Green  cleaning agents we use contain a built in Carpet and upholstery protector. Your carpets and upholstery will stay clean longer.

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